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Professional Complaint Process

The NCSF Board for Certification holds the professionals certified by the organization to standards of conduct and ethical practices. The Board for Certification will take disciplinary action against any NCSF Certified Professional that is found to be noncompliant with the requirements outlined in the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. The Professional Practice and Discipline Committee (PPDC) will serve as authority over the submission and resolution of complaints of violation(s) filed against NCSF Certified Professionals. According to Section 1.2 (e)(f)(g) of the Policy and Procedures for Board Disciplinary Action the PPDC will:

  • Seek to validate and resolve allegations of unethical conduct and questions of compliance to published standards of practice
  • Investigate allegations against NCSF Certified professionals to determine violations, severity of violations and impose sanctions when appropriate
  • Adopt such rules and procedures governing the conduct of all matters within its jurisdiction as are consistent with published policy regarding authority.

Instructions for Filing a Complaint against an NCSF Certified Professional

Any member or non-member of the NCSF who perceives that an NCSF Certified Member has violated an ethical standard or standard of professional practice may file a complaint with the NCSFBC.

Please review this entire package before completing the form. It is designed to help you organize facts and define your concerns so the NCSFBC can more efficiently assist you in resolving your grievance against the professional in question. Please note the following limitations that govern the handling of a complaint by our committee under current Board regulations.

The committee cannot mediate a complaint filed: (a) if the complaint occurs after the professional’s last recorded date of valid certification (expired certification status), (b) if the professional never received certification status from the organization, (c) if 24 months have passed since the alleged conduct has occurred unless there is just cause for the complaint to be reviewed or (d) if a period of sixty months have passed since the alleged conduct occurred or was discovered. Exceptions to this rule may occur if the implicated individual is impersonating or falsely representing themselves as an NCSF Certified Professional or if the conduct would warrant a ban from eligibility to sit for the certification examination.

Prior to filing a complaint, you are encouraged to make an effort to inform the professional's employer of the violation by communicating directly with the facilities internal complaint department. This may be the human resources department, fitness manager, general manager, or owner.

Note: Information you provide on this form becomes public record that may be subject to inspection and copying by members of the public unless an exemption in law exists.

If you have any questions or uncertainties about the limitations just described, please feel free to contact the NCSF Board for Certification for further clarification at 800-772-NCSF(6273).

Remember To Keep All Original Documents For Your Personal Records.
Send Only Copies With Your Complaint Form.

Complaint Handling Process

  • When the NCSFBC receives your complaint it will be reviewed and if questions arise or additional information is required, you will be contacted by phone or email. The process averages ten business days.
  • Following Step #1, your complaint will be forwarded to the professional for response. The professional has 15 business days to either: (a) resolve the complaint directly with you; or, (b) send the organization a written response.
  • Upon receipt of a professional’s response, your complaint will be reviewed in the light of all available facts. Both you and the professional will be notified in writing of the NCSFBC findings, conclusions, and the determinations reached.
  • If the professional is ordered by the NCSFBC to comply with a judgment penalty, retribution, or sanction, the professional must document to the NCSFBC that he/she has complied with the order.

If you are uncertain about qualifying for assistance or have questions about completing the enclosed form, feel free to contact the NCSF Board for Certification by mail at 5915 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Suite #60, Coral Gables, Florida 33146 or by telephone 800-772-NCSF(6273).

Click here to download the Complaint Form