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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to renew my NCSF credential(s)?

The NCSF Board for Certification (NCSFBC) requires all NCSF professionals submit the NCSF Recertification Application detailing completed continuing education coursework every two (2) years. The two year period of certification begins on the day you pass an NCSF exam and ends on the last day of the month in which the certification began, 2 years later.

How many continuing education units (CEUs) are required?

The NCSFBC requires ten (10) continuing education units (CEUs) be completed during the two year certification period. If NCSF professionals hold more than one credential, the number of required CEUs does not increase; it remains ten (10).

Am I required to only use the NCSF for CEUs?

Although the NCSF provides an extensive library of continuing education courses, and numerous CEU opportunities through the quarterly newsletter and online quizzes, professionals can earn CEUs through a variety of educational outlets. The latest version of the NCSF Recertification Handbook provides an overview of the approved categories in which you may earn CEUs and the maximum attainable value for each category. Several education and training courses are pre-approved by the NCSF for CEUs toward recertification.

Where can I find the NCSF Recertification Handbook?

The NCSF Recertification Handbook is contained in every NCSF certification package. The current version can be downloaded at any time from the NCSF website under the Recertify heading. ( click here)

What am I required to submit to the NCSF to recertify?

Your Recertification Application must be complete in order for it to be processed. It must include the NCSF Recertification Application, a $85 recertification fee, and all supporting CEU documentation (certificates of participation, transcripts, etc.). For two or more credentials, the recertification fee is $100. The NCSF recommends making photocopies of all CEU documentation and keeping the originals. Your documents are filed at the NCSF and will not be returned. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

What are the professional ethics and CPR requirements?

All NCSF professionals are required to complete one (1) continuing education unit (CEU) in Professional Ethics and two (2) in CPR certification (proof of current CPR is required with recertification application). To best assist certified professionals in meeting this requirement, the NCSF has a “Professional Ethics” category in the NCSF CEU quiz library. This will allow certified professionals to easily access qualifying educational content.

Can I submit CEUs as they are completed?

Although the NCSF documents continuing education completed through the organization, all recertification candidates may only submit the Recertification Application once the ten (10) CEU requirement has been met. It is the recertification candidate’s responsibility to track their CEU progress and submit supportive documentation with the Recertification Application. This means that all ten (10) CEUs are submitted at the same time along with the Recertification Application and required fee.

How long does the recertification process take?

If a completed NCSF Recertification Application has been submitted with all necessary documentation and fees, you can expect your information to be updated in the NCSF system within 2-3 business days of receipt and should receive your recertification package within the following 7-10 business days. Your recertification package will include a new diploma, wallet-sized ID card (CPT only), and CEU information for your next reporting cycle. Once updated in the NCSF system, you can log in to your account using your Certification ID # and email to print a duplicate ID card and/or diploma.

How are CEUs accepted?

Recertification Applications can be submitted through the NCSF Recertification Portal in your account or by mail. . Any Recertification Applications postmarked after the certification expiration date will not be accepted. The Recertification Application may not be faxed or emailed.

Will Extra CEUs carry over to the next reporting cycle?

No. Only CEUs earned during the two year period of certification will be accepted for recertification.

Where can I find educational content related to the Professional Ethics requirement?

The Professional Ethics requirement can be fulfilled through a variety of content, including employer based training, college courses, and the NCSF CEU Quizzes. Please visit the Professional Ethics section of the NCSF CEU Quiz library:

How can I calculate educational contact hours into NCSF CEUs?

The NCSF utilizes a continuing education unit (CEU) system for certified professionals seeking to renew their credential. In order to convert contact hours from external sources (i.e. workshops, seminars, certification/specialization course study hours) into NCSF CEUs simply use the following formula: 1 Contact Hour = 0.5 NCSF CEUs. For example, a 4 hour workshop course equals 2 CEUs (4 contact hours x 0.5 CEUs/hour = 2 CEUs)

Can I include my application when I submit my coursework?

Certified professionals completing CEU courses and/or quizzes with the NCSF can submit their coursework along with the rest of their continuing education documentation at the time of renewal. Also, all applicable fees can be submitted as one transaction. For example, if you are completing 2 NCSF CEU quizzes (earning you 1 CEU) and you have the remaining 9 CEUs already completed, you can submit the Recertification Application, the appropriate CEU supporting documentation, and the required payment together in one package.

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