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Box Jump Training

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All box jumps are not the same. There is significant adaptation diversity with box jumps – it is not simply how high you jump. Sure, box jumps can be used for power training, but did you know they can be used for landing mechanics for sports and training, dynamic core stabilization and kinetic chain enhancements as well as hip cycle speed for running and Olympic weightlifting.

This course teaches you the ultimate utilities of the box jump. It takes you from the traditional use of the box to diverse programmatic option that will expand your repertoire of offerings from a single apparatus. Whether your goal is power, speed, core or metabolic training this course will teach you what a professional should know about using the box for optimal results.
  • Details
  • Identify the different types of boxes used for jumps/rebounds, and their specified uses
  • Explore proper performance and common errors of eccentric drops as an initial step to rebounding
  • Explore proper performance and common errors of low and moderate box rebounds for reactive response training (true plyometrics)
  • Learn proper performance and common errors of rebound speed work drills as well as mid-height rebounds for dynamic balance and center of mass control
  • Understand how to implement the 30-60-90 test
  • Discover proper performance and common errors of maximal height jumps and horizontal obstacle rebound drills

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