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Vitamin D: The Super Nutrient?

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Video Series


Find out all this hormone-like vitamin can do for your body and the evidence between adequate consumption and health.

Get all the nutritional facts and none of the fiction as you learn the types of vitamin D, how its processed and where to get it in foods. This course covers the metabolism, signs of deficiency, and consumption levels along with the research findings of each purported claim. Find out why nutrition experts have been touting the importance of vitamin D sufficiency for lifelong health.
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Part 1

  • Health benefits, biological functions, and disease prevention
  • Common forms of intake – foods, fortified products, and sunlight
  • Vitamin D1 vs D2
  • Factors which impact daily synthesis and those at risk for deficiency
  • Supplemental vitamin D manufacturing

Part 2

  • Challenges to sufficiency
  • Diseases caused by deficiency
  • The key nutrient for bone and immune health

Part 3

  • Research on cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention
  • Research on its effects on multiple sclerosis and depression
  • Issues with excess intake and toxicity

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